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Are you looking for top quality Contract, Contract-to-Hire, Permanent Hire, or Remote Talent to join your team? Well look no further!

Diverse Business Team Working
Diverse Business Team

We Are Legacy IPS

About Jobs

We understand how having this flexibility can be a beneficial factor when searching for solutions that fit the needs of your organization. Finding the right fit for your business culture and teams is not something to take lightly, and we have you covered!

Whether you need talent for long-term or short-term, we are here to help!

We service industries in need of filling positions relative to translators /interpreters, and encoding/decoding driven roles, we call Complex Driven Positions (CDP), customer service, HR and more… We have the right professionals for you vetted by our experts, and ready to provide the workplace culture envisioned for your business.

What We Serve

We help You To Find
The Right Choice

We understand every business has different needs to help drive its success. You are more than a client; you are our business partner. Let us help you enhance your business to run as smoothly, and effectively as possible, to find the right candidate match.

What do we offer our clients?

➢ Work as a business partner to help strengthen the foundation of the business with personnel that will go above and beyond your expectations.

➢ The flexibility to personalize, customize an experience to fit our clients need.

➢ Training- At your request we will provide specific training for the candidates to be ready from day one to meet the business standards.

➢ Testing- We will provide state of the art testing to ensure each potential candidate is right for the job.

➢ Background and Drug Testing if requested.

➢ We oversee all hiring needs and obligations: Employee insurances, payroll, administrative onboarding documents throughout the work cycle, and benefits.

➢ Business Consultation- We work with our clients on finding solutions for their complex business challenges.